6-Week Course to Change your MONEY story and become a MONEY MINDSET QUEEN!


Question for you:

Do you have any of these beliefs about money?

I’m bad with money!

There is never enough money!

Having more money is greedy and selfish!

I’m not a lucky person!

I don’t deserve money!

I’ll always lose money!

I will always be in dept!

You're not the ONLY one!

Most of us were taught that money is a bad thing and we never learned how to work with money. That’s why so many of us struggle financially. 

And while you’re struggling to pay the bills or working so hard for so little money, others are reaching their goals, living in abundance, making money and manifesting all their dreams and desires.

And you’re thinking: HOW ARE THEY DOING THAT?!?!


I know, I have been there!

When I started with my manifestation journey, I was a queen in Manifesting anything that I wanted, except Money. 

I couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t until I discovered that I had a lot of limiting beliefs around money. And these old beliefs where blocking my money manifestation.

I was afraid of money, because in the past I was in a lot of debt. So, every talk about money made me have goosebumps. I actually avoided everything that had to do with money.

One day I was sick of it and I promised myself that I would finally figure it out how to manifest money.


And so I did! I healed my old beliefs around money and changed my MONEY STORY!

And I promised myself: If I would figure it out, I would teach others how to do that too.


It’s time to change your MONEY MINDSET and become a manifestation queen in manifesting MONEY!

You know you’re are born for more! And you know that there is more! 

You’re tired of struggling paying the bills, working many hours for so little money or being in dept all the time.

It’s time that you’re going to change your mindset and beliefs around money and finally live in ABUNDANCE, create your dream life and manifesting your desires!

Here's what you will learn:

  • The real TRUTH about MONEY
  • Why your MONEY story is holding you back from manifesting money
  • Getting clear on your old beliefs about MONEY and finally release them
  • What to do when you're feeling resistance and how to deal with sabotaging yourself
  • How to create a new MONEY story & Change your MONEY MINDSET
  • How to start your day right and become a MONEY manifestation queen
  • How to step into the vibration of receiving MONEY

The Modules

  • MODULE 1: The truth about MONEY
  • MODULE 2: Your MONEY story
  • MODULE 3: Healing & Releasing your old MONEY beliefs and blocks
  • MODULE 4: Resistance & Sabotaging
  • MODULE 5: Change your MONEY story
  • MODULE 6: Daily practice for MONEY Mindset


MONEY MINDSET QUEEN - 6 Modules with Audio trainings and Worksheets (Value $497)

BONUS #1: MANIFESTATION WORKBOOK - 50 Page Workbook that help you go through step by step with the manifestation process (Value $47)

BONUS #2: 5 Brand New video trainings and worksheets to even dig deeper in the money manifestation mindset.
(Value $297)

- Video #1: The Energy Of Money

- Video #2: Change your Money Beliefs

- Video #3: The Rich Queen Mindset

- Video #4: Why You should STOP chasing Money

- Video #5: The truth about Dept


Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I have acces to the Course?

How does liftetime acces sound? After enrolling, you have receive a email with your download link and it’s yours for as long as you like.


When does the course/workbook start and finish?

We start on Monday November, 18 2019. The course takes 6 weeks. Each week a module.


How does the Course works?

It’s a 6 weeks course, with each week a module. The modules will be delivered in your email inbox. The course contains audio trainings and worksheets.


What is your refund policy?

Because of the nature of the product, there are no refunds. If you have any question about the product, please contact us before purchase.